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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been too long...

The blog is back.

Coming soon,

Jk 2.0

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Still Alive and Kicking

Do people still read these?

No really, I feel as if, yup it's been 8 months since I have even visited this blog. That is a long time. I for some reason have lost the desire to blog my everyday events. So I guess i'll give u a 30 sec rundown of my life.

In june, I made the plunge. Which? I moved out! It's great. I am really enjoying being a "cellar dweller". I am at the bea's nest as it's been called. And or apt 1 of noni's house. RI will always be in my heart, but I guess I am CT girl now, well not according to my license plate haha.

Still pioneering, round 6, yeah that's right. Can you believe it? Nor can I ? It still has that new car smell, although mine doesn't. (prob should clean my car) Oh and Joe K is on the list today, which is very excellent. Shout out to King Nick as well who joined.

Speaking of, my parents are leaving next week for indo for 4.5 months. Holy Cow ! I'll be an orphan, well kind of. But i'm planning on making a small detour in feb to see them. After of course another visit to the OC. Ya I said it. Orange County has yet to see the last of me.

Still working at Verizon, still cleaning houses. So thats it. Oh and a few people got married, a few more had anniversary's oh and a ton more had kids, a real lot had kids in fact. That's it my blog buddies. Maybe again you'll hear from me, but prob not soon. I'll leave u with some pix of things that have happened. Oh and check out the new pix site. Jordankspix

You know you love me,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just so you know..

I posted all my pictures from my 24 day adventure on my shutterfly.

I have so many stories, but so little time. I'm home in RI, getting ready to move, working, and well just catching up on life. More to come soon.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm Freaking Out !

I leave in a day for California, Hong Kong, Singapore, Batam Indonesia, Bali Indonesia.

Ah so like I said freak out. Joe and Cheryl K have been over their already for 2.5 weeks. Were actually going to cross paths in the air. Which means i'm going to fly over them and or versa vice. So what has been going on?

Well working like crazy. I've been trying to save as much money as possible before I leave. I also have been trying to catch up on service (yeah thatll happen). I've been snowboarding a couple of times up to Vermont. And of course to sugarbush! Thank u bruce and kate. I also took my parents down to Jfk to leave. Spent some time in china town with justine, then flew up to patterson. It was nice to see alex and have lunch / a spanish tour. Holla at mary-luz and the other jersey girls for coming to visit.

Azu was so awesome. Thank u so much to all the ladies who came out for my last dinner. And of course the outstanding after party. Super bowl was a lot of fun. Too bad the pats blew it. I'm still sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Tomorrow is cleaning, then meeting with co. Then Wednesday i'm outta here. My plan is fly to cali for about 8 hrs, hopefully meet up with corto. Then get on a plane fly to hong kong. Then another plane fly to singapore. Then a taxi to Harbor. Then a ferry to batam, indonesia to stay with tk. Phew i'm tired just thinking about it. 2 Days later, i'm at my destination. I'm not going to actually get there till Friday afternoon.

Ok back to packing. I've been posting all of my pictures at Jordan's Shutterfly Photos.
Hopefully if all goes well, I will be able to update my blog and add pictures to my album from overseas. So check back again.

Love you all see you in a month.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So This Is The New Year . . .

and I don't feel any different. -death cab for cutie-

I always feel like when it's a new year that's a good song to listen to. Any who it's 2008 and ain't life great? bahh. My 2008 has started out pretty much how every other year has, i'm home with a sinus infection haha. I did have grand plans for myself involving a fireplace, chair lift, and hot ta tee's. But I takes what I can get.

Ok so the week of thanksgiving, or should I say thanksgiving I went ice skating in prov. It was super warm out I think around 60F, so the ice was kinda melty. I was trying to be fancy and bust out my Bryan Boitano moves, yeah I said it Bryan Boitano, but the fell a little. The fall itself did not hurt it was the fact that the center of the ice was a small pond so I just slide for a couple of feet, got up and shook it off. Of course to everyone else on the ice... I peed myself. My pants were pretty soaked. Oh well. Then wandered pretty much through the entire city looking for a place to eat. Note to self : Diners in coventry are the only places to eat on holidays. Good eye kanye we found it.

Black Friday was then upon us. It was also the same day as sarah and caleb's wedding. I worked in the morning and experienced utter consumer chaos demanding cell phones and remote car starters as well as "whats on sale"? Nothing is on sale, go away so I can eat lunch you savages! Wedding was a lot of fun. Congrats to the couple. I had a fun car group and pre-party which made it that much better. The yacht club looked really good. Ive been their a lot over the years for weddings and showers, but this was prob the nicest I've ever seen it. Tons of food, cup cake cake (yeah that's what it was a cup cake wedding cake), and beverages of course. Then I danced a bit and went home.

Sunday the 30th of November went up to Jimney Peak in Ma for 1st season ride. I was rocking my new burton ginger 137cm board. She's a beut. I'm so happy I bought it. Conditions were really good
for early season. Not a lot of trails open, but enough to get a full day in. In the picture I'm holding a giant snowball. I think we invented a new winter game. Basically you take a big snowball one person starts at the top of the mountain and you pass it while moving. And see how big it is when you get to the bottom, because people of course drop it. It was a lot of fun, although super super dangerous. None of us crashed though, thank goodness.

Service has been ok. It's been tough because it gets dark by 4:15 so it's tough to stay out and or get people to stay out when it's dark. Not only that but between black ice and snow storms it's very dangerous believe it or not. I'll tell you why it's dangerous in the next section.

December 6th was Joe and Cheryl k's 32nd anniversary. Aww so nice. I got my mom some stuff for her trip, and Joe k has been really wanting a car starter for those wonderful winter mornings. The next week (2nd week of December) We got our first snow storm. So what did i do? I was at work and was sent home I went snowboarding, but of course. Me and Trev went to yagoow, yup I have enough pride to say I went to the good Ol valley of yagoow. Getting there, that was another story. The roads were horrible. The old saab couldn't get up 3 different hills that I had to take detours around. But once we go there, wow I love powder. It was like riding on pure fluff. I actually went off a jump once and messed up the landing and simply hit the ground, and it felt like jumping in my bed. It was fun till I smashed my pinkie on the chairlift. I didn't break it or anything just bruised the joint, or that's what Dr. Brown said. I just kept it rapped for a couple of days, it's ok now.

So that dangerous story I referred to before. The week of Christmas I go into work one morning and find that my boss was at the hospital. He was walking in front of our store that morning going to the laundry mat and slipped on the ice on the ground and broke his leg. In fact he cracked the the bone, so that he needed a ten inch metal plate put in ewww. I felt so horrible for him. It also served as a warning to be super careful on ice. And it was tough too because our store was so slammed. And we were a man down. Poor Craig is home recouping.

Christmas. I went to Okemo, Vt for some snowboarding. Miss Bria arranged a big group to go boarding, and I guess 2 other jw's had gotten groups together so the lodge was packed. Okemo is a good sized mountain that had 109 trails open. It was just fun seeing so many different people and riding with different groups all day. I got to go to board park at the end of the day and hit a fun box. Ugh and did my first Double Diamond (I peed a little). A couple of kids got pretty banged up though. One guy broke 1 if not two of his legs on a jump. Nicole's brother grant got a black eye. And poor Emily F collided with some obnoxious old man who thought he could snowboard. But everyone was ok, and surprisingly I sustained no injuries, at least this weekend. But have no fear, the season has just begun....

Oh and all these last pictures were brought to you by my super sweet new Panasonic 7.3mp 6x digital camera (heck yes).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

So Long

That's how long it's been since I updated.

Someone actually asked me the other day, remember when you used to have that blog thing that was funny. I'm thinking remember, I still have it. Wait do I? Well I never update it and no one reads it, ok so maybe I don't. So then I started to read it, and some of these things don't even make sense to me, you guys really should have told me how little sense I make.

I took my calender down to figure out what I've been doing. In my last entry I was referring to my next weekend. Which was an end of summer BBQ in westerly. The best part about it besides lots o food and people was the jousting. There was this giant inflatable kiddie jumpy room thing. Then after the kiddies went home there was these giant Q tips that the adults put in their hands and battle to the death, or till someone passed out. I played a lot, of course. The battle of the century or in this case was me vs meri. It was tied up 4-4. She hit me and I was going down, so like the coward I am I figured hey fall forward towards her and knock her off. Well when I did she hit me in the air, and I landed with my backside on her wooden platform. Let me tell you, I have experienced pain in my life, but this my friends, pain would have said owww man that hurts. lol. Let's just say this the bruise was unreal, and I still to this day, have pain when I sit down. CK said it's my own fault for being a 22 yr old kid. What can I say, shes always right.

Autumn tis the season for corn mazes and hiking. The next weekend I went up to Johnston to a corn maze. It was pretty much amazing. I think 4 acres. Me and LD got incredibly lost, till the point I said lets do this, and ran through a couple of walls of corn. In which "the man", some guy working there caught us and tried to kick us out, but he did not. Sorry my bad. After that went down the road and watched the sox in the playoffs...they lost. But it was 13 innings and I stayed and watched the whole thing. And I danced a little, nothing says baseball and corn mazes like dancing in someones living room. The next day I took a coma nap.

Good News I turned 22. I don't know why that's good news, like someone said to me oh your 22, one year closer to death. Hmm I think I'll go put my head in the freezer now.

Oct 20Th was our special day assembly. Don't ask me what is was called or about....ha. No actually it was about the master potter and being molded like clay. Good Stuff. And we had some baptized which is great news (i love the cheetah baby). After assembly went with shelia to a 25Th anniversary party. It was a lot of fun, although I don't think I'm a prime rib fan. Congrats to Mark and Lisa. Ps next time you have a 25Th party, don't let Joe K be the MC, cause then no one will get to eat and the salads will get cold, and the ice cream cake melts.

Next weekend the 27Th was sarah vajj's wedding shower. It was at the sisk's beautiful house. Good little sandwiches. Then I stayed to watch I think it was game 3 of the world series. Sox won, of course. Sunday went to six flags. I had free tickets, so I had to take advantage of that. Parking is 20 bucks, what is wrong with this world? But as a kittrick I talked some form of goodness, and got out of that (please keep comments to yourself) RED SOX WIN WORLD SERIES. Stopped in Hartford to see phil k's place and caught the end of the game. A sweep, I still can't believe it but I'm so happy, and want to learn the pappalbon dance.

The weekend of Nov 3 I went up to woodbury to alex d's hall. Cute little circa 70's building. A sister in his hall owns a horse farm, she trains and boards for people. So we got to go riding and help her with feeding, watering, etc etc. I very much enjoy horse back riding, it's been a while. English style saddle is quite the experience, I def was feeling that the next day haha.

The next week cortopassi came to visit! Which is always a good time. I picked her up at the airport on Tues night after the bookstudy. The best thing about it is that she didn't tell anyone that she was visiting. So we spent wed going to peoples work or houses being like hey whats up, bamm. Although there were a couple of confused looks, what are you doing at my house jordan....OH SARAH IM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU. Mmmm hmm, but not so happy to see me, what's that about? j/k.

Saturday the 1oth went up to providence for a festival of sorts, that was fun then went out afterwards. (do you love the vagueness of that?) I will say this I learned the soljya boy dance. If you don't know what it is, look it up on you tube. I heard I was a hit, I'm just glad I didn't hit anyone with my awesome moves. Tuesday had a last dinner with corto at aphy's then watch Disturbia. I heart shia lepoooof, or whatever his name is that is a great movie. Wed brought Sarah to the airport *tear*, I'll see you in Feb. Then hightailed it home to meet the service group. Saturday the 18Th (last night) went to prov again for ice skating. But somebody didn't check the right dates, the rink open on Monday not Saturday. So ended up walking around thayer st, and the mall, although it was a solid 25F. Glad I worn the down vest.

Hoooray were finally up to date. This week is thanksgiving, I am thankful, for not having to work lol. Next day is black Friday and vajj is getting married, my how time fly's. And i'm house sitting for two people this weekend on top of that, let the chaos begins. I'll let you guys know how that goes, mmm in about 2 months when I write again. Ta Tah

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy 2 years...

to me.

Folks it has been 2 years since I started posting nonsense about useless things in my life.
And for the past 2 years you have been hanging on every word. So thanks for sticking with it. And maybe here is to another 2 years. That is of course if the computers haven't taken over and have turned us into cyborgs. So if were not cyborgs, i'll see you again in another 2 years. ~peace out~

Ha just kidding.

Wow, so much has happend since last posting end of july. The biggest reason why I have not posted is because I spent the month of August in service. No really. I ate, slept, preached, and went to the bathroom a couple of times. I did my usual..... Which was got myself behind on my service year. For those of you who don't know 840 hours is needed in a service year. As of August 1st I had 743 hrs. Math skill will tell u that 97 hours were needed. whoa. And I always like to try to hit more then that. And I am very happy to say with the support of many, lots of coffee, soup, and praying I made my time. I actual got over. This was a huge accomplishment and I am so happy I was able to do it again. So thanks to everyone out their who supported, I couldn't have done it without u.

In the meantime of all that. Phil k got married. Congrats to deann and phil. Now I can officially say wedding season is over. And what a busy one it was. Phil's wedding was also the same weekend as the west hartfort qb. So I was able to go one day and help out the sound crew with some wiring (if only there were more hours in a day).

Tommyk came to visit. I have not seen my brother or really spoken to him in almost a year. So this was a nice treat. Also the weekend tom came down my aunt and cousins came in from upstate ny to visit. Also another treat because I do not get to see them often or in this case I met baby grace for the first time. Tom and I went to Nh to contact some indonesians in service. I worked with the english hall and met some nice people while tom and mr justin gaines talked to them. We then went to spicy dave restaurant. I got to experience indonesian food for the first time, neat. I had the coolest thing an avacado smoothie? I know sounds weird, ney. It is delicious. So after a nice weekend with fam, tom went home, which I guess is asia and the other fam returned to ny.

August (18th) also brought salsa weekend. It's a big festival in prov part of waterfire. It is always a good time, and yes it was. So many people from all over the place were visiting. It was nice to meet up with the noho/spring/west mass girls. Went to trinity brew house mmmm. Then danced my little gringa heart out.

August (sundays) also brought kayaking and hiking. Care of miss nanny hassord, who loves to get me lost in the woods. One particular adventure involved a group of 10 being lost in the woods with nothing but a small flashlight and my cell phone in the pitch dark = not cool. Although the exercise was nice. But being chased by a fishercat was not. (later i realized it was my dog reba) I don't want to talk about it.

September! So happy to see it. I took a couple of days off in august once my time was completed, one beach day. Or should i call it a jordan sunburn day. Then it happend. I got a cold. Are you really surprised? So that's what i've been doing for the past two weeks, trying to beat that. It's finally leaving me, although I think it wishes it could stay another week.

We had the visit of mr roussin our sub co. Nice nice. It was a very encouraging visit, esp with the edition of a (maybe) but (prob) four new pioneers. The groups have been really good and it seems like everyone is in really good spirits. So that has been my life. 2 years of blogging, a lot of service, some fun stuff, some not so fun stuff, and a new service year and hope's for a summer off, the key their is hopes lol.

Oh and last but certainly not least. I'm planning my winter trip to indo to seem tom. I just purchased tickets to get me as far as cali. Perhaps a short detour to see miss corto, and then off to the orient. But don't worry I will blog the heck outta that vacation.

This weekend.......well you'll have to wait and read. C ya